Life Lately. Let the summer fun begin!

And I like large parties.
They're so intimate.
At small parties there isn't any privacy.
//F. Scott Fitzgerald

Last weekend marked the first full weekend of actual summer, and I was able to start it off with some great activities and bucket list items. None of us were really around for Father's Day, so we were all free to get together during the week for a nice dinner to celebrate my wonderful Step-Dad! He is a great guy who is always there for me and our family. We all love him and were glad to be able to celebrate him for the day. He requested the menu of Salmon, Fat-Man's mac and Cheese, and asparagus. My kind of meal!
Another great surprise was that my cousin and best friend of 25 years got engaged to the man of her dreams! He proposed at the Redsox game, which is one of their favorite past times as a couple with a gorgeous heirloom ring from her Great Aunt Mary. The ring is stunning and it's even more special because of the special history behind it. They have already set a date for October of 2015 and I could not be more happy or excited for them!
Another nifty thing was that I purchased a new vehicle who I have since named "Pearl." As you may know from my previous post, my old car broke down a few weeks ago and there was no way it would be worth it to fix it. It got me 250k miles without any issues, so it didn't owe me much and I had been expecting it to happen any day. As much as you try to prepare, the process of buying a car is never fun, especially if you don't have an extra car to drive in the mean time. But she's finally here after a rough couple of weeks and a crazy unlucky accident on it's way to being delivered to me. 
 FINALLY in my driveway after two+ weeks! I was almost afraid to drive it after all that had happened.
Wedding season is in full swing and I headed up to Mass on Friday for a first-day-of-summer wedding on Saturday. I spotted this nifty old Wagoneer in downtown Scituate Saturday morning, one of my dream cars! It was white with wood paneling and in mint condition, they're lucky I didn't try and drive away with it! Someday I hope to have one to cruise down to the beach with or ride around a seaside town. I have to put it out there so the law of attraction can do it's thing!
The next 10-12 hours was spent devoted to a HUGE Italian wedding, it was My Big Fat Greek Wedding on steroids, something I didn't think was possible. Endless amounts of family members, very little English spoken, and just an all around hectic day. We don't usually shoot weddings on the North Shore either, so we were out of our territory which always adds on another layer of stress. All that aside, the couple was SO nice, so genuine and totally head over heels in love. The groom cried 4 different times throughout the day. It was a really emotional day and a momentous occasion for the families- the groom was the youngest of 8 with 7 older sisters! You can watch the slideshow from their wedding here.
The reception was held at the Danversport Yacht Club. It was a gorgeous night with a great sunset on the water. 
Sunday morning I headed home for a day to rest by the pool with a few John Daly's! They taste even better when served in blue mason jars with fresh mint from Mom's garden. My brothers girlfriend is the best at making them, thanks Linds!

Sunday evening the fam was invited to a high school graduation party for a very dear family friends daughter whom we have known since she was born. She is a beautiful young woman and just an absolute angel! We wish you all the best of luck at RWU next year Jules! We love you! The FABULOUS grad party was hosted by her Grandparents at their gorgeous house in the hills. They are the owners of City Fish Market, which we recommend to everyone- best seafood around! My brother has worked for them since he was 15, and we have been close family friends since my Brother and their son met in pre-school, so going on 20+ years now through thick and thin. 

We knew there had to be seafood! Besides the hors deouvres of shrimp and clams to name a few, the entree was a delicious surf and turf with steak and lobster tail. Everything was wonderful as always.

A view of the backside of the house mansion from the gazebo pictured above.

 Great views of orchards and green hills all the way to Hartford and Springfield.

We got a mini tour of the inside, I haven't been in since I was a kid. I always remember not being allowed in the "cigar room" upstairs as kids but we finally got to see!


Stunning! The house is truly beautiful.

They also recently purchased a Tesla and were giving rides and letting us check it out first hand. A beautiful car... it's crazy that it is electric, you can't even tell when it's on! I love the red color choice too.

Just a few random shots from my backyard of the beach roses we have. They come from Pleasure Beach (my fave place in the world) and have grown beautifully along our fence. My Mom claims to have "trained" them to hang like that... whatever she's doing, it's working!

A few weeks ago I had made a reservation for 8 for another one of my bucket list items- a farm dinner at Dondero Orchards. I had been to three last year and this was their season opener. It did not disappoint! It was the best menu I have had by far! It is BYOB which is always great, and the menu was as follows: strawberry smoothie upon arrival, grilled clams on the half shell, garden salad with strawberry vinaigrette, clam chowder, a main course of lobster roll and flounder with raspberry jalapeno jam, and strawberry shortcake with ice cream for dessert. Everything was wonderful and at $29pp, it's a great deal for the experience! Cory Nebel played acoustic guitar and we had a great time dining with friends on the farm until the sun went down. I definitely recommend it if you live in the area and have not gone before, they are typically every other week during the summer. All the food is farm fresh and/or locally raised/caught.

Such a great group! So glad to have become friends with this bunch!
My coworker Chris and his roommate Sam. You may remember Chris from his engagement photos I posted a few weeks ago

 Mmmm! My mouth is watering again- check out that lobster roll, they were packed!
There were chances of rain and storms all week and even a 30% chance the whole time we were there but we got really lucky. I didn't feel a drop or hear any thunder the whole night. Thank you to the rain Gods!

Thanks Dondero!
That next weekend we had been invited to one of Nick's coworkers weddings. Several guys from the Police force were invited and it was a really fun night and a beautiful wedding. It is always nice to be a guest and not be behind the camera for once! I have to kind of think about it and allow myself to enjoy the hors'deouvres and favors and open bar- things I don't usually get to do while working. My dress is from ASOS and it's one of my faves!
Such rustic barn wedding details! It matched the setting perfectly. The wedding was held at Quonquont Farm in Whately, MA and it was really a beautiful and rural place.

We took a quick stroll outside for some photos and to check out the grounds at sunset. 



I love this photo- so pretty!

Congrats P&M! Thank you for having us be a part of your special day.
The next morning we woke up and drove to Westfield for a late breakfast at The Good Table. My best friend Lea went to college at WSU and we used to go all the time. Good breakfast- the hash browns are BOMB and free iced coffee refills. My kinda place.
Then it was off to Grandma's to watch help Nick put back together his motorcycle. As much as I DISLIKE it, the bike looked really good painted the matte black... but yeah, that's all I have to say about that. Humph.

 Boys and their toys;-)!!

Even though I was tired from a busy weekend, I still managed to fit in another (my 8th) Paint Nite with Linds and her Step-Sister. This was the hardest one I have done BY FAR, but the lobster was so cute and nautical, I tried my best!
Here is the beginning and middle photos of my painting.
My finished product! And Lindsay's is on the right. I think we did a good job! We've got fat lobstahs- but who doesn't want a big one!?

So fun! Thanks for doing it Linds! 
Lots of fun and activities and the summer has just gotten started! I hope you enjoyed seeing what I have been up to. I will be back later this week with my 4th of July long-weekend extravaganza! Lot's of Nauticalness and Americana coming your way.

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