Kat's Bachelorette Weekend!

That's all they really want
Some fun
When the working day is done
Girls, they want to have fun
Oh girls just want to have fun
//Cyndi Lauper

I was so excited and honored to have been invited to Nick's sister Kat's bachelorette party. She is getting married this September on the Cape and we all can't wait for the big day. It was really fun to spend the weekend celebrating her and her soon to be marriage. She has been the older sister I never had and I am so glad she is a part of my life. She is funny, giving, caring, outgoing, honest and trustworthy, and that barely scratches the surface of the caliber of person she is. Her good friend from Childhood Aly took the reins on planning the weekend and she did an awesome job. We started the weekend at a hotel right next to Mohegan Sun. Aly had the room decorated perfectly, with lots of personal touches and details. She had made a big poster of pictures of Kat with all of her closest girlfriends and family. She had made custom labels for mini champagne bottles, along with tons of other bachelorette memorabilia. I fully admire Kat's decision to forgo the cliche "sash", so instead she just wore a pink flower attached to her dress, which was really cute. We all sat around getting ready and eating appetizers and sipping drinks while listening to music. It was nice getting to know everyone a little better before going out for the night.

Once we were all dressed and fancy we took some pictures in the room before we headed out to catch the shuttle over to the casino. Everyone looked great!

 Me and the party girl! Love you Kat!
The mini rose champagne bottles that Aly made were SO CUTE- they came out awesome and were a great favor.
Our hotel had a shuttle that basically runs every 15 or so minutes all night, which was really nice so that no one had to drive and it would be easy to get back at the end of the night.

We had to have someone taking a photo of us in front of the staple glass sculpture in Mohegan! Kat looked beautiful and her hair came out great with the curling wand.

 Kat and her best friend, Renee!
We had dinner reservations at Jimmy Buffets Margaritaville. Our table was a big boat, literally, and we were at the bow. We ordered food and drinks and played some "Bachelorette" trivia and 20-Questions games. Kat told stories of how her and Marcel met and what led them up to the point of getting married, it was really sweet.

 Cheers to Kat!
 The classic margarita filling up!

We found a balloon artist on stilts and asked if he could make a crown for Kat. He ended up making each of us something to wear for the night.

 The Queen is crowned!
My "ladybug" wristlet.... Which was the exact same as the "turtle" someone else got, except green.
 A bathroom photo shoot, of course!

Next we headed over to the Vista Lounge, formerly the "Sky Bar", which is my favorite bar at Mohegan. The whole ceiling is made to look like a solarium and it's pretty neat. There are little nooks everywhere with swanky seating and couches. We got the prefect set of couches right next to the dance floor. We all ordered some drinks and the fun began! The DJ started to play and was playing awesome songs that got everyone pumped up for the night. 

Sooner or later, a Bachelor party came over to us and asked if we were a bachelorette party. They then kind of conglomerated into our zone... they bought all of us drinks, and a special one for Kat, so we let them hang for a bit.

Don't worry Moms, it's not even lit! Just posing with her fancy drink :-)

Then, we started dying laughing when an hour or so in, the balloon man from Margaritaville appeared at the bar! He must've gotten off shift and came to drink, but we thought it was hilarious.

With some of our party crashers..! For a Bachelor party, the guys were actually very tame and well-behaved, and each one had a more respected job than the next. We didn't believe them at first and made some of them prove that they were actually doctors and physicists or whatever they heck they were.

After a couple hours at the Vista Lounge, we headed over the the Club Avalon where we were able to all get in for free. The place was so packed and some Australian DJ Duo was playing the most insane house music all night. I think each of us burned like 2,000 calories after dancing for four hours.  

Our glow sticks that we had all night long. 
We look pretty good for the very end of the night right before going home! 
The next morning all of the girls had planned to go to the beach but I had made plans to be at a winery function later that day so I wasn't able to go but they had a great time! It was such a fun time celebrating Kat and I am so looking forward to the wedding. She is going to make a beautiful bride and an amazing wife. It was a great night with great friends.

Sunday afternoon I met up with Nick and our friends Evan and Brenna at the Hardwick Winery in Mass. Evan had won a tasting for 10 at a raffle so he had invited a big group to do the wine and cheese tasting and then invited everyone to come back to their house for a cookout afterwards. I was feeling slightly under the weather from the night before but I was able to pull through and try some wine! We started the tasting upstairs in a nice wooden poast-and-beam room.

After the tasting we headed outside to a beautiful day and sat on a large picnic table to continue the party. We had some cheese and crackers and fruit, and ordered a few pitchers of their sangria. They had several different kinds of sangria including red, white, and peach that were all pretty tasty. Most of the wines were on the fruitier side, as are a lot of wines in this region, but were good!
We also got to take home our cute little stemless wine glasses which was nice. Nick and I love drinking wine out of little glasses, the smaller the better! Most of the time we actually use jelly glasses instead.

The winery had really beautiful grounds, and the building itself was a really cool old wooden mill-like colonial building with a big barn. I would definitely recommend stopping by if you are ever in the area!

My sweet!

It was a great day and so nice to be otuside. The winery had acoustic music on the back deck and it was a really nice place to spend a Sunday relaxing with friends. Evan had us over afterwards for a BBQ, wine and some rounds of corn-hole in the backyard. It was my first time to their house and although I didn't really get to pet their cat Teri, I had a great time! ;-) It was a lovely summer night with great friends, can't wait to do it again.
That next week, I had told my Aunt and Uncle that I would dog sit for them down at the shore while they were away on their boat in Martha's Vineyard. Sure, I'll stay at your gorgeous house on the ocean at my favorite place in the world, no problem! Between waking up to the salty ocean breeze to happy hours on the dock at sunset, I couldn't decide which part I hated more...;-)

Here is my little Gremlin puppy friend Toetoe who I watched over all week, along with his Scottish terrier Sister Mackenzie,

Oh, the horror! Another amazing sunset on the dock. They are so indebted to me forever for putting me through this torture. NOTTTTTTTT.

Soaking up some much needed Vitamin D!
I took a ride to see my Grandpa's house, and ended up catching the fire boat heading out for a rescue. I used to love waking up to the sounds of the firehouse as a little girl on Shore Road.
And it wouldn't be a stay at PB without a Mike's Grinder. Technically called Riverside Grocery, it will always be Mike's to us, and they make the best darn grinders around. I could eat their small ham with provolone and oil for days.
Beautiful beach roses! We have a bush that came from PB in my backyard at home, and it blooms just as beautifully as these every year!
I then had a double-header wedding weekend. Something I used to tackle quite often but luckily I only have one or two doubles this year. I even remember the weekends of triples! Not sure what I was thinking. Anyways, the first wedding was in Cape Cod at the Ocean's Edge Resort where we work quite a bit. It was by far one of the most preppy weddings we have ever done. From J. Crew suits to Vineyard Vines ties, Jack Rogers Sandals to Sperry Topsiders, all things prep were accounted for! Stripes and bows and navy and nautical notions galore. It was a wedding after my own heart. They had great little details, all while staying subtle and with the Cape Cod/Nautical theme. To see the slideshow from their wedding, check out Mallory and Tyler!

We took the couple down to the beach for sunset pictures after dinner and I know I have likely said this before once or twice, but this was THE BEST sky we have ever seen! It was completely sunset and golden light on one side, and a dark ominous storm on the other. We were literally on the exact edge of the storm just as the sun was going down, so it made for some of the coolest light we have ever seen.

When it got to about this point, we had to RUN, as the beach attendants told us the wall of water was coming towards us and the bride and groom were about to get soaked. Hence the reason some of these pictures are very crooked, I was literally taking them while running. We got back to the trolley in the nick of time, but it was SO worth it to get the photos we got.


Storms' a comin.

It was a great wedding and a super fun party. They had an absolute blast. It was one of those weddings where I really wished I was a guest at some points, because they were just having that much fun. I headed home bright and early Sunday morning for wedding number 2. It was at Wickham Park in Manchester which is a a beautiful park high on a hill overlooking the city. It was a big Indian wedding and the Sari's and clothing were gorgeous, so bright and colorful. I snapped a few quick photos of the scenery, but it was mostly all business and hard work!

Most importantly, I snapped this photo and promptly sent Nick a zoomed in screenshot with the caption "Don't ever even think about it. Ever." This will definitely be going in my worst-wedding-hairstyles of all time file. Sorry if that's your Dad or something but really, I just can't even.
After a week of regular work and two full days of wedding craziness, I was wiped by Sunday evening. The weekend came to an end once I got home with the Celebration of my Step-Dad's birthday! We had steamers and lobsters galore and it was amazing as always! A nice way to relax and unwind with family after a very long week. Nick came over for it and we were all out on the deck until late at night, chatting over glorious seafood and wine, and celebrating my dear Step Dad Dave. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVE!

Thank you for following along on my summer adventures. Check back next for my Labor Day WEEKend extravaganza!


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