Bachelorette Beauties: Jen's Last Sail Before The Veil

If you wanna be my lover, 
you gotta get with my friends.
Make it last forever,
friendship never ends.
//Spice Girls
The second weekend in September, we celebrated my cousin Jen's bachelorette party down at the shore with all of her bridesmaids. It was such a fun weekend and we all had a great couple of days showing Jen a good time for one of her last weekends as a single lady! Since it was going to take place at her PB house, we definitely had to have a nautical theme going on. We tied that in with her wedding colors and made the invite to send to the girls. Her sister Lindsey had set up a group message on Facebook and planned a perfect weekend for Jen. 
I just had to make one of my not-so famous itineraries! If I had my way and money was no object, I would be a professional itinerary maker/planner! I love it. The plan was to do a Southern CT winery tour on Saturday, with dinner and dancing to follow that night. Then, if the weather cooperated, we had planned to go out on her parent's boat to Long Island on Sunday. We were all really excited for the weekend!
My brothers Girlfriend Lindsay has also grown close to Jen over the years, so we asked if she would be our chauffeur for the winery tour! We figured it would be fun to have someone we know driving us around, and it was also way less $$ than having a limo or party bus for the day. My Mom's car fits 8 comfortably, so it was perfect! Once Linds was signed on, I jokingly said that I wanted to get her a chauffeur hat like Lloyd from one of our favorite movies, Dumb and Dumber. When I saw they were only a few bucks on amazon, I had to get one for her!
I was also really excited for JALD to all be together. We had not hung out with the four of us in SO long, so I was really excited for our reunion and to relive our college days for the weekend. Jen and I are very lucky that we share the same best friends! Lea and Deanna are two of my best friends, and they are both also bridesmaids in Jen's wedding.
We found this photo of Jen and knew we had to share it for the bachelorette! What a little fox! We used to love getting all dressed up and put on makeup as little girls. Not much has changed I guess!
A couple days before the weekend, the hat finally came! It was perfect and I could not stop laughing! Linds was actually so excited to wear it to and though it was hilarious, so that made it even better.
"Let's put another shrimp on the barbie'!" I arrived down to the shore after work on Saturday, and was ready for weekend's festivities to commence.
Saturday morning, we decorated the house with some classic bachelorette decor. The flashier the better!

A tiara veil for the bride to be!

Her sister Lindsey was a great host, and even got all of us bridesmaid a gift bag filled with a tank top, a shot glass, mini crowns, a nip of vodka, mints and more! Thanks Linds!

Pin the lips on the hunk! Yes please! And we had to have a sash or two for Jen to don for the weekend. Everyone we encountered needed to know that it was her special day!

The bride-to-be wanted curled hair, so curl it we did! 
Linds had made a really awesome scavenger hunt that we all had to complete together between the hours of 12 noon and midnight. Some of the things on the list were going to be a huge challenge, but we were up for it.
Our dear friend and neighbor Twink is in a big battle right now against Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. We love her like a Mom and had these bracelets made in support of her and her fight! She is kicking ass right now and is going to beat this thing no matter what it takes!
The girls arrived around 10-11 and we had some breakfast and snacks before heading out for the big day.

Our sweet bride to be was all dolled up and ready to go in her white dress and sash! We love you Jennay.

Our Chauffeur had arrived! Lindsay Christmas.
My Mom's SUV got a bit of a makeover with some window markers and stickers. And yes, I am WELL aware that I spelled Bachelorette wrong. Fail!

HONK FOR JEN!! We got quite a few honks throughout the day actually.

At 11:30 we loaded up and headed out! Not without taking a few group shots first, of course.

We all looked so colorful and almost coordinated, even though we didn't really talk about our outfits at all prior. 

Beep beep! Off to the wineries!
We had the music bumping and were getting into serious party mode. 
So much to do on the scavenger hunt, we talked out some game plans and picked out who we thought could do each task. Any items that we did not complete meant shots for Jen later on! Jen put the pressure on us to get them all completed because she HATES taking shots.

Fun times in the car!

We arrived right on time for our appointment at the first winery of the day, Saltwater Farms. It is a beautiful vineyard in an old airplane hangar, right by the ocean.

Cheers to the bride!
Not a and looking group if I do say so myself! Jen chose some wonderful ladies to stand by her side on her big day.

Linds packed lots of cheese, crackers, and grapes for us to snack on during the day. All that wine makes you hungry!
It was a GORGEOUS day, definitely a 10 for sure. 
After the tasting, we made our way outside to get some fresh air and enjoy the beautiful winery and scenery.

Oh, and to take a million photo shoot pictures on the picturesque grounds!

The grapes were out in full force, and everything was so green and lush. It made for some really pretty backdrops within the rows and rows of grapes. 

Ripe and on the vine! Ready to be made into some delicious wine. The CT winery scene has totally blown up within the last five years. I think there are about 40 wineries in the state now!

JALD! Love my besties.

I'd be lying if I said I didn't pick one and eat it! Hopefully they don't use pesticides….
All the gals! We were so happy to be there with Jen celebrating her last hoorah as a single lady.

Jen and I!
Goodbye Saltwater Farms! Stop #1 was a success, on to the next!
Next up was Stonington Vineyards, another vineyard down by the shore just a few minutes away from the previous one we visited. One of our favorite CT wines is made by this vineyard, Stonington White, so we were really excited to get to drink it.

They put our large group in the information room off to the side, but it ended up being the perfect space for us to take over as our own!
Jen completed one of the scavenger hunt items- get a photo with another bride! We actually saw quite a few brides that day, further proving that wineries are becoming a big thing in CT!

The tasting room.
After our tasting, we all bought bottles to split and found a nice big table outside to relax and have some snacks.

More beautiful scenery!

We were already feeling the effects from our first stop, so by now after the second tasting we were all feeling a bit silly and could not stop laughing. We were listening to some jams and telling stores and reminiscing on Jen's single days. We were having so much fun and enjoying each others company.

Can you tell we have been drinking wine?

So pretty Jen! You are going to make a beautiful bride.
After Stonington Vineyards, we packed back into the car and headed on over to the last stop of the day, Jonathan Edwards Winery, which also happens to be in Stonington. We were really feeling the vino and this place was packed! We were lucky to snag a tasting table just as a group was leaving, so we all crowded around for the tasting. 

We got to try like 7 or 8 wines here, which was nice! The first winery we got to try 4, and the second one we got to try 6.

Cheers bitches!!!
Our driver and our non-wine drinking friend Deanna had saved us a table outside as well, how kind!
Jen wasn't feeling her crown as it was too small and hurting her head. But what are little sisters for than to force you to keep it on despite the pain!

Hahahah, on Linds. Jen's face says it all!

Another thing checked off the list! Jen had to take a photo with another guy named Doug, her fianc├ęs name. We randomly went up to this guy and jokingly said "Hey Doug!", and he was so shocked and was like "How do you know my name!?" It was too funny and SUCH a confidence as we were totally just joking.

To Jen!
After the tasting we headed out to the deck to chill out for a bit and take in the scenery. 

Another one of the things we had to do for the scavenger hunt was to take a photo with a man in uniform. My boyfriend Nick was working a shift as a firefighter that day, so Jen kept trying to FaceTime him to get a photo with him. He was apparently on a call so he couldn't answer, but Jen's face goes to show she wasn't having it!

They were setting up for a wedding that would be taking place that evening in a tent on the grounds- so pretty!
We looked down off the deck and saw a limo driver in a suit waiting for another group. We figured he would be the perfect person to use to knock some of the other items off of Jens scavenger hunt list. We actually knocked off three items at once! Jen had to wear a toilet paper veil, she had to have someone walk her down a fake "aisle", and she also had to propose to someone. So we took advantage of the opportunity and did all three at once. We took some T.P. from the bathroom to fashion her veil, and then had the limo driver walk her down the driveway 'aisle'. At the end of the aisle, Jen proposed to him! It was too funny and I am glad the girls got in on camera. 

He was such a good sport and a really big help for getting some things checked off our list!

Veil problems….!
Jonathan Edwards was a great last stop and we had a ton of fun! Would really recommend doing a winery tour for any type of celebration you may be having!

The car ride home was CRAZY to say the least! And we managed to still complete the "man-in-uniform" task as Caitlin's husband is a police officer and was finally able to faceTime with us to get a photo.
Had to make a quick pit stop at the liquor store on the way home!
Once back at the house, we had about two hours to relax and regroup before heading out to dinner and dancing. We all kind of wanted to nap, but knew if we did that it would be such a struggle to get up and get motivated again, so we decided to just rally and keep it going! Jen checked another task off the list by kissing a bald mans head. The neighbor and a great family friend/Husband of Twinkle just so happens to be hairless! Thanks Dan!

Jen wanted all of us gals to wear black for the night out, so we all changed and got into our dresses for some pre-dinner photos.

Jen successfully landed a smooch on the hunk's junk!

Love Linds' bright blue-green eyes! So pretty, despite the silly face.

Deanna is a pretty hot Milf if you ask me!

Jen's Mom was able to get some awesome group photos of all of us on the porch before heading out. Love this picture!

And we couldn't resist a classic staircase prom-pose photo either!

We loaded up the cars once again and headed off to one of Jen's favorite local restaurants, Filomena's. The restaurant manager was AWESOME! Like, the best service we have ever been given! He led us to our own private room and put on Pandora blasting for us. He told us we could do WHATEVER we want, and then as he walked out he popped back in and yelled, "Scratch that, you can do whatever the F*** you want!!!!". We knew at that moment that it was going to be a great time. 

We were rocking out to some top 40 and trying to check some other things off the scavenger hunt list. Lindsay is one of the single girls of the group so she volunteered to get a guy to give her a piggy back ride. Our poor bus boy got more than he bargained for with our group, but he was a trooper!
Strategizing for how we were going to complete the rest of the items.

Jamming out.

Jen's Mom, my Mom, and our neighbor Twinkle (the warrior who is battling cancer!) were able to join us for dinner as well, and I know it was really special to Jen to have those ladies there with her. Jen is named after my Mom Jennifer, and Twink is like a second Mom to her as well. 
How awesome does Twink look! We were SO glad she could be there with us! She is kicking cancers ass!
Another item down! Jen found a penny from her birth year, in her own purse- go figure!
When "Watch me Nae-Nae" comes on in the restaurant…..
Get it girllllll!
Once we all finished up dinner, we were all getting our money together to pay when the waitress comes into the room as says, "Oh, you're all set, a man at the bar just paid for your entire tab." SAY WHAT!? We all rushed out to the bar to see who it was and Lo and behold, it was Captain Dan! Twink's husband and Jen's neighbor (the one whose bald head she kissed)! We could not believe he had done that and were SO thankful for the awesome gift and gesture! It was easily a 4-figure bill and we can't thank him enough. Dan loves his women, so what better way to thank him that with a big hug and photo with all of his favorite ladies! He was in heaven!
Linds took one for the team and did one of the grossest things on the list, make a balloon animal from a condom.

After several attempt to shape it into something resembling an animal, we decided that we had tried hard enough.
And ended with a "snail"…. Lol!
Jen completed another task by getting someone to serenade her and quote the movie 'Bridesmaids', and got another person to buy her a shot! We were checking things off left and right and only had about a dozen to go. 
Lea took one for the team also, by taking a sip of a strangers drink without asking. There was an older man sitting at the end of the abr by himself, so as he was coming back from the bathroom Lea went right over and sipped from his beer. He saw her and was pretty bewildered at first, but after explaining he was so into it and ended up buying all of us a round of drinks! We were really getting spoiled that night!

Thanks for dinner Captain Dan! We love you!

After dinner we headed back home in the pouring rain, since we had a shuttle coming to pick us up at 10:30 for the bar. The restaurant gave us plastic bags to wear over our heads, and silly Lea decided to keep hers on as a fashion statement. This girl cracks me up!
Pretty sure were weren't supposed to take our beers from the bar, but when in rome!!
At 10:30 our shuttle, the "Flip Flop Express", showed up to bring us to our favorite neighborhood bar from growing up called Sunset Ribs. How awesome is it that they have this service?! This shuttle bus will come and pick up anyone for free within a 5 mile radius! They also bring you home at the end of the night too! So clutch that we could all relax and have a safe ride both there and back. However, we were really into party mode by this point so I feel bad for that poor shuttle driver. He got the ride of his life with our singing and dancing and antics. 
I love these photos, no idea what is going on! All I know is that it was a blast!
Lea, still rocking her plastic bag hat!

Woo woo woo!!!

Linds completed another one of the daunting tasks- taking an infamous 'blow job shot' using no hands!

Linds completing another hard one… getting someone to show you their favorite "sex position"!
There weren't many people at the bar that night but it was just how we like it! We had the whole dance floor to ourselves to go crazy!
Lea helped us complete another task by buying a round of shots and leading us all in prayer at the bar. It was hysterical! 

Lindsay did a cartwheel after 10pm on the dance floor, another item on the list!

We made good friends with someone cardboard cutouts. 

We got someone to give Jen a PG rated lap dance! And then he moved onto Lindsay- I think he had a little crush on her!
Linds got a bartender to sign her body! Check! And someone to show her a private tattoo.
Lea made herself an honorary guest DJ, much to the dismay of the ACTUAL DJ.

He was literally a TERRIBLE DJ. SO I think Lea was actually helping him rather than hurting him. He had NO idea how to read the crowd and wouldn't play ANY of our requests, even though we were the only people dancing to his crappy music and choppy transitions.
It doesn't matter how much gear you have if you don't know how to use it! Something Pam taught me with photography. 

DJ LEA on the 1's and 2's.
The DJ made the mistake of going to the bathroom, so we immediately bombarded his station and completely took over. Trying desperately to download some good songs onto his laptop!

Within the nick of time, we had completed all of the items on our scavenger hunt and Jen was officially free from having to take some dreaded shots! We may or may not have also tried to take home the cardboard cutout man, and got him all the way to the shuttle before being caught by the bouncer police. Ugh!!! The shuttle driver told us that someone had offered the bouncer $100 to take it the night before and he turned them down! You could buy 4 of them for that price! What a fool. Regardless of that, it was a great fun night of drinks and dancing with the girls, something we don't get to do that often anymore being the big bad adults that we are. We could all see that Jen had a great time, and that was the most important thing to us! We woke up the next morning and unfortunately the weather was less than stellar, so the boat ride was cancelled. We decided to still make the best of the day though, and headed over to Dogwatch restaurant and marina in Stonington for some lunch and mimosas. They also have corn hole sets out of their dock, so we played a few rounds of that as well. We were supposed to wear these 'Brides Mate'  tank tops on the boat so we decided to still wear them to the restaurant instead.

Mimosas and best friends! Not much better!

We had a great lunch with some really good food, and it was so nice to have some more quality time with JALD. 

After lunch we stopped at CVS on the way home to make an 8x10 print of the photo of Dan with the girls. We got a frame for it and a thank your card and delivered it to him when we got back as a small 'thank you' gift for paying for our dinner the night before. He loved it!
It was such a fun weekend with the girls, and Jen had an amazing time! It's always funny to me how much bachelorette parties differ from bachelor parties…. You can't even compare the two! Jen is so excited to get married to Doug, and this was a really fun way to celebrate one of her last weekends as a single lady with all of her best girlfriends. We all can't wait to stand by you on your big day! We love you Jen!